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  No Retreat  


Your life has no direction
You’ve lost your way to turn
No feelings, No affection,
Your heart, your soul, it burns
You dream for a tomorrow
Tomorrow doesn’t care

No retreat, No return
No retreat, No return
Soon too late, too late to learn
Soon too late, too late to learn

There’s people all around you
Who’ll take what they can get
They’ll strip you and they’ll cheat you
And catch you in their net
You wonder why the sorrow
You wonder why the pain

Well there’s nothing wrong with dreaming
Well you know we dream a lot
An inside way of leading
And knowing what you’ve got

Written by Ian Sandercoe (1987)
Performed by: Raiding Party

Recorded at: New South Wales Australia
Produced by: Raiding Party
Engineered by:
Year: ....

Vocalist: Ian Sandercoe
Guitar: Mark Tinson
Bass Guitar: Brien McVernon
Drums: Gary Wilson
Keys: James Davis



Ian Sandercoe